Build Belleville

Location: Bay Bridge Road and Dundas Street West
Budget: $17.4M ($13.8M 2013, $3.6M 2015)
Timeline (Design): Complete
Timeline (Construction): Fall 2015 – December 2016 ; Final Completion: Spring 2017

This project includes the replacement of the existing structure on Bay Bridge Road which crosses over the Canadian Pacific Railway with a new structure on a new alignment. The Project also includes the reconstruction of the Dundas Street West/ Bay Bridge Road intersection and the rehabilitation of Dundas Street West including the addition of turning lanes.

The City of Belleville has identified the replacement of the Bay Bridge Road CP Rail Overhead Structure and the reconstruction of Dundas Street West, Coleman Street to Bay Bridge Road as a Build Belleville initiative.

The work on Dundas Street West includes widening to accommodate dual westbound left turn lanes at the new intersection coinciding with the new alignment of Bay Bridge Road and CP Rail overhead replacement which is to be located immediately east of the current structure. It will also include a new northbound lane to accommodate dual northbound left turn lanes to improve traffic operations and reduce delay at the intersection. In addition to the intersection widening, the roadway will be improved and widened to James Street. The widening will allow the introduction of a centre left turn lane. In conjunction with the road work a multi-use path is to be constructed on Dundas Street West, Coleman Street to the new overhead structure and underneath the new overpass structure so as connect the trails on East & West Zwick’s Park.

The project also includes the replacement of the existing 450 mm diameter cast iron watermain on Dundas Street West constructed in 1931 which is at the end of its service life.

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