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For over a decade, Jewell has been providing engineering solutions to all levels of government and the private sector. With a focus on municipal engineering, our staff has the expertise necessary to address the many complex problems faced by local governments.

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Build Belleville

This project includes the replacement of the existing structure on Bay Bridge Road, which crosses over the Canadian Pacific Railway with a new structure on a new alignment. The Project also includes the reconstruction of the Dundas Street West/ Bay Bridge Road intersection and the rehabilitation of Dundas Street West including the addition of turning...

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Northumberland County is working hard to maintain progress, this article outlines some of the issues faced and plans made for the region.

Concrete Pipe Journal

Constructing massive precast concrete structures with CON/SPAN® presents choices to design engineers and assembly options to contractors. Working with 30 tonne CON/SPAN units on the Denison Road Storm Water Retention Tank in Toronto required highly skilled installers and a Goldhofer self-propelled modular hydraulic transporter.

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At its heart, engineering is about
using science to find creative,
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