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With a strong background in municipal engineering, Jewell Engineering Inc. has the specialists necessary to meet the ever changing needs of our local governments. From asset management to infrastructure renewal to funding applications, Jewell has the expertise to provide cost effective solutions for all levels of government.


As construction costs continue to spiral upwards, maintenance and renewal of existing assets has become more important than ever. Jewell has the expertise needed to provide structural analysis of bridges and buildings in order to determine the proper construction and rehabilitation methods.
Jewell also provides structural solutions for new construction starting from the ground up including residential and commercial buildings and bridges

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From transportation master plans to rural road designs, Jewell can provide engineering solutions for all types of transportation issues. With todays rapid development, planning for the future is critical to ensure the smooth operation of complex road networks. By undertaking the necessary studies such as Traffic Impact Assessments, Jewell will ensure proper signalization, illumination and traffic calming strategies are implemented.


With climate change and the environment such a high profile issue, it is of the utmost importance to identify and address all potential environmental hurdles prior to initiating any development. Jewell has the specialists necessary to complete the proper environmental assessments in order to mitigate the environmental impacts of all forms of development. From Environmental Impact Statements to Stormwater Management, Jewell can address all of your environmental concerns.

Irrigation Canal
Aerial view of subdivision

Land Use Planning and Design

As urban intensification continues to fill in the gaps of developed areas, proper land use planning is critical to ensure new development occurs in a sustainable, cost effective manner. Through Growth Management studies, Jewell provides direction to local governments that best utilizes existing infrastructure and available land resources.
Jewell also provides Site and Subdivision Development services to private developers to ensure conformance with all applicable federal, provincial and municipal requirements. From Site Plan Control to entire Subdivisions, Jewell incorporates uses leading edge technology and construction techniques to ensure cost effective engineering and design solutions.

Contract Administration

With a staff of certified professionals, Jewell provides contract administration services to all levels of government, including Public Works and Government Services, Ministry of Transportation and local municipalities, to ensure all projects run smoothly, on schedule and on budget.

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Topographic and Engineering Surveys

As modern technology evolves, it is easier than ever to coordinate all forms of data. Using Global Positioning System hardware and Geographic Information System software, Jewell can help the public and private sector produce accurate, real-time data that is easily incorporated into existing databases. Data collected during pre-engineering surveys is used to ensure infrastructure renewal and new development projects are quickly and accurately merged with any existing networks.